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Union Labor Directory

What We Do

Union Labor Directory has been providing business' the opportunity to get there name out in front of a Union audience and other business since 1985 from paper directories to now digital directories on CD's for members to place on their computer's. By providing the prevailing wage information for free to union members, business reps and state officials it's an opportunity to show your support for the Blue caller worker. Any kind of ad from a listing to full page is greatly appreciated; we will do our best to see you get some mileage from it.

You will find in our Union Labor Directory's many businesses that have at various times used the services of employers who employ members of our Crafts, and have thus shown their willingness to cooperate with us. The fact that a firm has advertised with these publication does not signify that this organization endorses such firms as employing one hundred percent union labor. The fact that the firm has posted an advertisement in these columns is not an acceptance, on their part, for all the principals for which we strive. It simply means that these firms herein represented have shown that they recognize the Labor Movement as a worthy cause, justifying public recognition.

With advancement in technologies we are able to link your ads to a website, facebook page or even twitter account if needed. Please just let us know your needs and we will be glad to help. We strive to help any business to achieve value to the advertising placed with us even though we can't guarantee it.